The bill would allow the BLM to transfer horses and burros from holding facilities to other government agencies for use as work animals.
Keep your horse happy, healthy, and in the game with these health and management tips.
A low-starch, fiber-based diet can help manage equine gastric ulcer syndrome after medical treatment is stopped.
Are there any parasite-killing products I can apply to pastures after I rotate my horses to a different one?
Join us live from the United States Pony Club 2017 Festival and learn how to take care of your experienced Pony Club mount!
Of the 502 respondents, 348 (69%) said they have acquired a horse for free.
The course will cover horse welfare, nutrition, health care, and selection, as well as practical skills and more.
The AHC and partners hope to introduce new people to the world of horses on July 21 during the USDA's Farmers Market.
The Ark?s facilities are designed to eliminate the introduction of disease to the United States from imported horses.
Owners did not recognize laminitis in 42 out of 93 cases; rather, they cited undefined lameness, hoof abscess, or colic.